Battery Equaliser Doubles Lead Acid Battery Life

What is Battery Equaliser?

Battery Equaliser is a non-corrosive, non flammable, water base liquid battery treatment formulated to extend the life and performance of any new or used lead acid battery. Battery Equaliser is recommended for use in autos, boats, golf carts, motorcycles, solar, trucks, RV's, electric forklift batteries, and any other lead acid battery.

Battery Equaliser extends battery life, is formulated for longer battery life, and improves battery performance.

Battery Equaliser extends battery life, is formulated for longer battery life, and improves battery performance.

This product has been tested and proven to be the #1 battery additive worldwide for the last 25 years!

What Does Battery Equaliser Do?

Battery Equaliser improves battery chemistry. This stops shedding and prevents sulfation from occurring in new batteries, and breaks up existing sulfation in older batteries (see "How It Works"). Battery Equaliser returns batteries as close to new as possible. With continued normal maintenance, Battery Equaliser:

  • Doubles Battery Life
  • Increases Charge Acceptance
  • Increases Discharge (Running) Time
  • Increases Storage Time
(Battery Equaliser will not fix or repair a dead cell.)

Why Control Sulfation?

Sulfation is a residue that remains on the batteries plates after current is produced. This residue increases with each charge and discharge cycle as the battery ages. Over time the residue/resistance will choke out a batteries ability to produce or store an electrical current. Sulfation is a natural part of a battery's chemistry; historically, over charging or "equalizing charge", has been the only way to reduce the build up of sulfation. Battery Equaliser is the only patented product on the market to effectively reduce existing sulfation and prevent new sulfation by improving the battery chemistry.

Why Develop Battery Equaliser?

The concept of cleaning out batteries has been going on for years. People would wash them out using a simple jet of water or quite commonly a mixture of Epsom salts and water; indeed the researchers of Battery Equaliser have come across this mixture being commercially marketed by some astute entrepreneurs. Of course there are a great many drawbacks to this process, i.e. It takes away many of the elements originally placed in the paste design by the battery manufacturers and the salts will attack the lead, dry it out so that it may become even more brittle and totally upset the specific gravity levels.

A collection of concepts and research conducted on scientific basis was embarked upon in 1978. Advisement from institutes and experts from all over the world was applied, to the development of Battery Equaliser.

Battery Equaliser is designed to clean and alloy the working parts within a lead acid battery by means of electrochemical reaction.

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