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Exhibit Transport Trade Show Shipping Saves Big Using Battery Equaliser

Exhibit Transport Trade Show Shipping

Exhibit Transport Trade Show Shipping

Exhibit Transport LLC, Huntington Beach, Chicago, New York, and UK has tested Battery Equaliser in all their electric forklifts with great results.

Exhibit Transport LLC is a trade show shipping company that specializes in international trade show shipping.  Their warehouses each have an electric forklift to handle freight. In October of 2010 they had contacted us here are Battery Equaliser to get a preventative maintenance additive for their forklift’s lead acid batteries.

It was not long after the first application that their operations supervisor (Trevor Page) called and told us that all of their forklifts where running much longer and took considerably less time to charge. Trevor has approved the product to be used in their UK warehouse with the comment “without a doubt the easiest way I have saved money”.  It is Trevors estimate that the energy savings from reduced charge time has paid off the cost of the product within 3 months.

Trevor went on to explain that he had been budgeting to replace the batteries within the year and is now confident that he will be able to defer that cost for at least 2 more years.

Battery Equaliser is proud to be such a unique and useful product and always appreciates it when we hear about success stories like this.

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Industrial Battery Engineering Inc. gives it full support to Battery Equaliser!

We are glad to have the full support of IBE after they have thoroughly tested and applied the Battery Equaliser product. We encourage all of our customers to test their batteries in a scientific manner and come up with their own conclusions about the effectiveness of our products.

IBE Testimonial for Battery Equaliser

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Ryan at Fastenal is a big advocate of Battery Equaliser

In a letter sent to his colleagues Ryan Campbell explains his experience with Battery Equaliser and pleads for them to consider its immediate use in their own departments.

“I sent this info out to you guys a while ago about the Battery Equaliser additive for your fork trucks. We have had it in our trucks for about a month or so now and it has proven to extend the charge life in our trucks. Since we only have 4 trucks, the overall savings is small compared to what most of you could see. The additive is a once a year deal that shows benefits after 5 days. If you are using battery change stations and swapping out batteries, this will help there to in reducing the time it take to cycle a charge for each unit. I know that some of you have brought in some to try, but if you haven’t, I would recommend it.

We used to have to put trucks back onto chargers mid day to ensure we would make it through shipping, but with doing nothing other than adding this stuff to each of the batteries, we have not had to do that in over a month now. The batteries are holding the charge hours longer than they have in the past. This would be a great benefit to all DC’s.

Rich is the contact in the USA for this stuff. Get it in your trucks and you will see the savings.”


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Crown Lift Test Results

Crown Lift Truck’s corporate office for Souther California tested Battery Equaliser on a four year old, 36 volt forklift battery.

“It was evaluated as a 3 hour battery on the first test and would need 4 cells rebuilt before it could be returned to service, but 5 cycles after Battery Equaliser was added the battery was returned to their customer as a full 6 hour battery. Quite a cost savings. This battery is running better than ever. We recommend Battery Equaliser should be used as a preventative maintenance product on all new batteries to prevent this kind of sulfation build-up.”

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Unsolicited tests continue to backup Battery Equaliser’s claims.


The following report of a test of the product “BATTERY EQUALISER MAINTENANCE & RESTORATIVE FLUID”  supplied by Enviro One Inc. to The Battery Place, 1610 Cranbrook St. Nth., Cranbrook, B.C. V13S8 in December 2002. The test was initiated and conducted by The Battery Place in Cranbrook, B.C. without any outside influence or direction except that on the product label.

In November 2002 an advertisement in the Service Station & Garage Maintenance magazine attracted attention when another “battery additive” made great claims in “revitalising” old batteries and extending the life of new batteries. It was decided to test the claims. While a long term test (years) was not practical for a quick evaluation of the “Battery Equaliser Maintenance & Restorative Fluid”, a good short term test would be easy.

An ideal test battery became available when a “Scissor Lift” presented duration problems for a local rental company. Three of the four 6 volt deep-cycle batteries tested good but the fourth failed all tests. Recharging did not help this eight year old battery thus it became the test battery for “Battery Equaliser”. However charged or treated the specific gravity readings on this battery would not improve beyond:

Cell 1: 1.225                        Cell 2: 1.225                        Cell 3: 1.225

The recommended quantity of “Battery Equaliser” (56ml. per cell) was added to each cell and the battery was discharged overnight using three automotive headlights. In the morning, as expected, the lights were completely extinguished and none of the cells registered on the hydrometer. The battery was recharged with a 20 amp. Automatic charger and eventually the hydrometer reading in each cell reached a surprising 1.260.

The battery was discharged again, but this time the lamps were still glowing dimly in the morning. Again the battery was recharged and this time the hydrometer readings reached 1.275 in each cell.

For the third time this eight year old battery was discharged and in the morning the lights were still bright.

The battery was recharged yet again and this time the hydrometer reached 1.280 in all cells. After sitting idle for fifteen days hydrometer readings were taken again and all cells maintained the readings of 1.280.

This eight year old battery is in “as new” condition chemically and has certainly proved the ability   of “Battery Equaliser” to desulphate these battery cells. Obviously, if an eight year old battery can be restored it is reasonable to assume that the same “Battery Equaliser” in a longer term test will prevent sulphation in new batteries. This could neutralise the number one lead acid battery killer in the industry.

When all is said and done this test battery is still eight years old but it may last a few more years yet. It will be fitted into a golf car and monitored.

Shelley, I hope this helps, please let me know.


Eamonn Morgan

(250) 426-86xx

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CAT Rental Equipment Testimonial about Battery Equaliser

Testimonial for Battery Equaliser

Dear Al,

Like many people I am the type of person that needs to prove to myself that something actually works before I will buy it or endorse it. Such was the case for Battery Equaliser. I had to see it work. I am very pleased to say that I am now a believer!

I had two large pieces of equipment that ran off batteries to test the battery equaliser product on. One was an electric forklift and the other was an electric boom. The batteries in the boom were considered dead and we were going to replace them. The boom had been sitting idle for one year outside. We decided to try the battery equaliser. To our surprise the batteries began to take a charge and after three charges the batteries passed a full load test as if we had put new batteries in.

The second piece of gear was an electric high mast forklift that we bought for our warehouse. We fully anticipated having to replace the large batteries when we bought the machine. Once again we tried the battery equaliser in these batteries and I am pleased to inform you that I am very impressed with its performance. The forklift takes a full charge and I have saved the cost of replacing these large batteries.

I have no hesitation recommending this product to anyone. It does what it claims it will do!


Dave Fraser

Branch Manager, The CAT Rental Stores.

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After 600 cycles the longevity test is still running.

Batteries treated with Battery Equaliser last longer and perform better.

A recent long term life cycle battery test conducted by an international battery manufacturer clearly shows deep cycle lead-acid batteries treated with Battery Equaliser have a significantly longer service life.

The accompanying Capacitance/Ah (amp hour) graph of the test results shows the untreated batteries beginning to drop off in performance vs. the treated battery at the 200 cycle point.

At 550 cycles the untreated batteries are considered depleted.

At 600 cycles, Battery Equaliser treated batteries were still in 5 Ah operating condition (untreated less than 3 Ah) and the longevity test is still running.

Battery Equaliser is a patented, water based, top up fluid, for both new and in service lead /acid batteries. It stops plate shedding and performs as an automatic electrochemical equalizing process to help prevent and remove over sulphation from the lead plates.

Our technology helps maintain batteries in peak operating condition allowing them to charge faster and last longer.  Battery Energizer can double battery service life, reduce charge time by one-third or more, and triple static shelf life.

Battery Equaliser serves to reduce the environmental impact of battery production and their toxic disposal and provides substantial saving by reducing charging time and replacement costs.

Battery Equaliser is ideal for use in all lead acid batteries, new or in-service :  starting batteries, deep cycle, truck, automotive, RV, heavy duty equipment, marine, gensets, standby / back-up emergency power supplies, motorcycle, snowmobiles, jet-ski, military, municipal; mining, forestry, recreational, wind / solar applications.

Please go to for international testimonials generated from the millions of batteries treated globally.

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Amerigon puts Battery Equaliser to the test. Good news, it works!!

Unbiased test finds benefits from Battery Equaliser after five charge cycles.  Thanks to our friends at Amerigon for taking the time to put our product through a detailed test such as this.

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Golf Cart fleet tests Battery Equaliser, “Cart 112 has not had any further complaints”

MAE  Enterprises.  Inc.
4SO West Simmons Road Tucson, AZ 857D5


This is an on-going test with Battery Equaliser which was applied to Golf Cart 112 on March 9, 1999

I had a complaint on this golf cart prior to the application of Battery Equaliser.

Dale and Glenn Cassidy, local representatives for Battery Equaliser had contacted me about the product and this was a perfect time to do the test.

They checked all the batteries for specific gravity and voltage prior to installing product. As they stated to me the product will not help batteries with bad cells. Voltage levels had to be within .5 volts of each cell.  Specific gravity could not be below 1150 checked with a Hydrometer.

As of May 13, 1999 the Golf Cart 112 has not had any further complaints,

Due to the amount of sulfation that was in the batteries, which were five years old at the time of the test — December 1994 date on the batteries — this set of batteries did take more water to refill for the first month.

In tha same time frame from March through the middle of May we have replaced two sets of batteries in other carts which had the same vintage batteries.

Specific gravity and voltage levels have stayed the same as when Battery Equaliser was first installed.

Our Company is looking at the positive results that Battery Equaliser has had in Cart 112 for further usage in the remainder of our fleet of Golf Carts.

Golf Cart 112 was a 36 volt system with six-six volt batteries.

Cost of test for 35 ounces of Battery Equaliser was approximately sixty dollars plus sales tax.


DARREL KILMER Maintenance Supervisor

May 24, 1999

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Impressive results for Little Egypt Golf Cars.

Dear Ken

I have tested Battery Equalizer and had some impressive results. I was testing 2009 EZGO RXV cars with Trojan T-1260 batteries. I have 30 of these cars in inventory. We had not used them at all when I started testing in the Spring. Initially we got discharge readings in the 80 minute range. I treated the batteries with your product and continued discharge testing. The first 4 discharges showed no change. Starting with the fifth discharge I saw dramatic gains in discharge times. After 8 discharges the batteries peaked at 101 minutes. We subsequently put the vehicles in use in our tournament fleet. I recently tested one of the cars which had not been treated with Battery Equaliser and got the same 80 minute discharge time as I did in the Spring. Since the cars have now been cycled numerous times I believe it is a safe assumption that your product helped the batteries significantly, over and above the normal improvement you would see in new batteries after sufficient cycles of operation. I plan to review my fleet needs for the upcoming year and determine the best use of your product. I will keep testing in other battery scenarios as well.

Thank You

Neal Smith

President, Little Egypt Golf Cars,Ltd.

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