Battery Equaliser Company Overview

Battery Equaliser US, LLC was founded in 1997 to commercialize and market a chemical additive for lead-acid batteries. The business is located in San Marcos, California where the product is blended, bottled and distributed. Battery Equaliser is the US Patent holder and exclusive manufacturer for the United States as well as North, South, and Central America.

With a product capable of doubling the useable life of most lead-acid batteries; Battery Equaliser was a bit ahead of the "Go Green" craze. Ten years ago we saw the need to keep batteries out of the waste stream. Battery Equaliser is now well positioned as the most well known name and bench-mark battery additive product in the US and around the world. Our goal is to make this additive available as a retail preventive maintenance product, for rejuvenating used batteries, and for refurbishing/recycling batteries taken out of service prematurely.

Battery Equaliser USA is trying to do its part to help conserve the use of virgin lead one of our natural resources, reduce power consumption by improving performance in ageing motive power and stand-by power batteries, this will and reduce the replacement cost of batteries especially expensive industrial batteries. All this is good for our business environment and the environment we live in.

The Company — U.S. & International

Battery Equaliser International was formed by John Willis, the inventor of Battery Equaliser, in Scotland in 1991. The purpose was to promote the new product and create BESC (Battery Equaliser Service Centers) — a business model for recycling batteries at the end of their productive life cycle.

John Willis has a in PhD in Corrosion Chemistry specializing in the field of tribology, abrasion technology, metallurgy, petrochemical and chemical equilibrium. He is our in house battery expert with hands on experience that personally answers all technical questions.

Charging batteries

Refurbished batteries.

Battery Equaliser Service Centers have been established in Asia, Africa, and Europe. All of these operations follow the proprietary "Scope of Work" procedure. The plants are all designed to conform to on-site needs from the types of battery to be worked on to local environmental regulations. Most facilities use standard equipment supplied by Battery Equaliser International (registered 99/131186/07).

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