The Battery Equaliser Affiliate/Dealer Program

Battery Equaliser is "Battery Maintenance in a Bottle" for all Lead-Acid Batteries. Our Internationally recognized brand is the industry standard for Maintaining and Extending the life of Lead-Acid Batteries. Battery Equaliser is now available in over 30 countries.

Do you own a retail store and/or Web-site that has or attracts visitors interested in Lead-Acid Battery maintenance and extending battery life? Battery Equaliser is recommended for use in Cars/Trucks, Boats, Golf Carts, Motorcycles, Solar, RV's, Electric Forklift batteries, and any other lead-acid battery application.

Becoming an Affiliate

An affiliate is an individual who sends visitors to Battery Equaliser and is then paid commission for every sale that is made. You don't have to deal with stocking products, postage, payments or anything like that.

Participation in the Battery Equaliser Affiliate Program is free, quick, and easy! Simply complete the application and, once approved, place the link we provide you on your website. You'll receive a commission when a visitor orders on our website within 60 days of clicking through from your site. The form will enroll you in the Affiliate/Dealer program. This entitles you to a 10% commission on all Affiliate sales. As a Dealer, you will have access to purchasing On-Line in full case orders at Dealer price for stocking and retailing from your store and/or business.

The affiliate program is managed by Battery Equaliser. We are committed to providing Affiliates and/or Dealers with everything needed to launch and promote Sales through this program. Battery Equaliser ensures you will be paid properly and on time. We have a vested interest in your success; we make money when our affiliates make money, so you can be sure you will be paid honestly, on time, and accurately.

Sales Tracking: Monthly sales reports will be sent to all affiliates with a monthly newsletter.

Support: We are available for graphics, custom creative, landing pages, content and to that end if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions we welcome a phone call or email.

Here to support your success!

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