How to Use Battery Equaliser

Directions for Use

  1. Shake well before using.
  2. Avoid contact with metals and direct sunlight.
  3. Wear safety glasses while working around batteries.
  4. Check acid level in each cell.
  5. Add Battery Equaliser to battery according to Dosage Chart below.
  6. Charge battery after treatment or continue with normal use. Allow 5 Charge/Discharge cycles for maximum effect.
  7. Wash with soap and water to remove electrolyte and Battery Equaliser
  8. .

Dosage Formula Usage Chart

Battery Equaliser should be part of an annual Preventive Maintenance program on all motive power batteries. If your battery is not on this chart, Battery Equaliser at 1.888.851.4431 for recommended amount.

Type of Battery Number of Cells * Battery Equaliser Required Total Amount Required Recommended Purchase
24-Volt Forklift 12 Cells 3½ oz. per cell 42 oz. Two 32 oz. Bottles
N36-Volt Forklift 18 Cells 3½ oz. per cell 63 oz. Two 32 oz. Bottles
48-Volt Forklift 24 Cells 3½ oz. per cell 83 oz. Three 32 oz. Bottles
6 -Volt Golf Cart 3 Cells 2 oz. per cell 6 oz. One 12 oz. bottle (treats 2)
8-Volt Golf Cart 4 Cells 2 oz. per cell 8 oz. One 32 oz. bottle (treats 4)
12-Volt Deep Cycle 6 Cells 1 oz. per cell 6 oz. One 6 oz. Bottle
12-Volt Large Truck 8-D 6 cells 2 oz. per cell 12 oz. One 12 oz. Bottle
6TN & 6TL 12-volt Military 6 cells 1 oz. per cell 12 oz. One 12 oz bottle (treats 2)
Auto 12-volt 6 cells 1/2 oz. per cell 3 oz. One 6 oz bottle (treats 2)

* Dose Formula for Industrial Batteries: 3 1/2 oz per cell or 1/2 oz for every 100 amp hour per cell which ever is greater. Example: 1000 Ah battery = 5 oz per cell.


  1. Starting Batteries: re-treat every 2-4 years depending on climate.
  2. Deep Cycle Batteries: re-treat annually or every 2 years if not cycled/used daily.

Batteries can NOT be harmed by over treating.

See the back of bottle label for more information on Directions for Use and Dosage Formula.

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