Battery Equaliser Product Testimonials


United States
It's hard for me to believe that the performance of batteries less than a year old could improve that much. I checked with SDG&E . . . their estimate of savings will be about $250.00 per year on that one piece of equipment.

Nathan Ross Electronics

The product has been used in Alco, Century Yuasa, Exide and other makes all with excellent results . . . we stock and supply this product to the Solar Industry.

P&O Services

Australia/New Zealand
Our satisfaction has been sufficient for us to recommend that our entire fleet of in excess of 1000 floor scrubbing machines be dosed with Battery Equaliser as a cost effective means of preventive maintenance wherever lead acid batteries are used.


Allmotive has no hesitation in recommending this product . All deep cycle batteries sold will now have this additive.

International Compost Ltd.

These batteries were 6 years old and were installed and remained outdoors for the 1998 and 1999 winter. The previous summer their performance had become weakened and required boosting to facilitate starting the machine.

Marks & Spencer

It clearly shows after a one year period of using Battery Equaliser, an immense saving of electricity was achieved through the charging of 100 batteries in our Thurrock based warehouse.

BEP Marine Limited

New Zealand
I have no hesitation recommending Battery Equaliser for any sulfated battery.

Autolink Cars

New Zealand
We congratulate Battery Equaliser New Zealand on an excellent product.

E Traction Energy

South Africa
We are pleased to endorse Battery Equaliser as a cost efficient means of battery maintenance & protection.

Trade Centre

South Africa
Trade Centre Hillfox believes that Battery Equaliser is a truly fantastic product and we would recommend it very strongly to anyone using lead acid batteries.

Metropolitan Transportation

South Africa
Treaded some lazy batteries that were not 100% productive during some cold winter mornings . . . now functioning to our satisfaction and are still in operation.

Golf Course Trades, Product Review, October 2008
Battery Equaliser USA, LLC has introduced a NEW aftermarket preventive maintenance product to the Golf industry. This liquid additive is the biggest improvement to battery chemistry in 75 years, slower sulfation means longer life, less maintenance and lower operating costs. As soon as electrolyte is added to a new battery fresh off the assembly line, sulfation begins coating the lead plates. This causes internal resistance that lowers overall performance and, in a few years chokes out all electrical activity.

Battery Equaliser is designed to mix with the battery's electrolyte solution, dissolving existing sulfation and preventing new deposits from forming. Treated batteries will charge faster and hold a charge longer.

Sound too good to be true? No wires or screws-ins on the top of the battery. No switches or timers. Simply top each cell with 2 ounces of Battery Equaliser and let the product work as you play a round of Golf. Batteries can be retreated, every one to two years as needed.

Everyone is looking for a way to help our environment; here is a way for Golfer and Golf courses to keep Golf cart batteries out of the waste stream twice as long and cost much less than a new battery.

This additive will double battery life and improve performance of aging batteries by reducing sulfation. There are no wires, no switches and no timers; just 2 oz per cell in most scrubber batteries; normal use and Battery Equaliser will do the rest.

Battery Equaliser USA, LLC is the patent holder and exclusive blender for this product for the US and Canada.

Rolling Hills Golf Course

Tucson, Arizona, United States
Our company is looking at the positive results that Battery Equaliser has had in cart #12 for further usage in the remainder of our fleet of golf carts.

Engebertson - Grupe Co. Inc.

United States
I was genuinely surprised with the Battery Equaliser additive results. The pallet jack we tested now has full capacity and noticeable performance improvement.

Industrial Battery Engineering

United States
After testing Battery Equaliser in a number of situations we not only found the sulfation gone, but many batteries running two to four hours longer in the same situation. We feel Battery Equaliser is a valid preventive maintenance product and will not void any warranty that comes with IBE batteries.

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